Board Of Investments Approves Malunggay Project

In pursuit of the government's thrust to support innovative, rural and agro-industrial advancement, the Board of Investments (BOI) approved the application for registration of MAUSWAG AGRIBUSINESS INC. as a brand-new export manufacturer of Powdered Moringa (typically called Malunggay). The PhP36.4 million task receives incentives under the Financial investment Concerns Strategy (IPP) which covers production/manufacture of non-traditional export products with an export requirement of a minimum of 50% (if Filipino-owned) and a minimum of 70% (if foreign-owned).

Business operation in the firm's center in Curry, Pili, Camarines Sur have currently started in April 2017 with 56 personnel in its preliminary year. The firm, which has an authorized annual production capability of 49,500 kilos, anticipates its personnel to expand to 98 employees by the fifth year of operation.

The incorporated facility involves the planting of Moringa Oleifera and processing it into power type. The Moringa powder will then be sold to domestic markets such as pharmaceutical business, natural health products makers, bakeshops, and grocery stores in addition to be exported to countries such as Japan, South Korea, United States and Europe.

"Malunggay and its related items have excellent possible to be in demand in your area and abroad considering it has actually brought in the attention of doctors and scientists around the world due to its high nutritional qualities. It is also one of the driving forces in the growing organic market," Trade Undersecretary and BOI Managing Head Ceferino Rodolfo stated.

The company claims they are the first business to produce Moringa powder on an industrial level that can supply both demands from the regional and worldwide markets. Addtionally, they will be using a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) innovation that can process 1,500 kilograms of raw leaves every 48 hours. The technical information and processing treatment is the enterprise's proprietary possessions. And they prepare to patent it to protect their interests and efforts in developing the procedure.

Malunggay is typically present in the yard of Filipino homes. All of its parts such as leaves, pods, bark, seeds, fruits and roots, are packed with nutritional and healing homes, therefore the label "The Miracle Tree". Moringa trees generally grow well without adding quite fertilizer. Manure or garden compost can be combined with the soil utilized to fill the planting pits. Phosphorus can be contributed to motivate root development and nitrogen will motivate leaf canopy growth. Leaves can be collected after plants mature to 2 meters, usually after a year.

International Moringa market is approximated at US$ 4 billion, according to the India-based Advanced Biofeul Center which conducts the annual global Moringa Meet in India to help Moringa farmers all over the world to comprehend the crop and add worth to their businesses. India currently provides 80% of the world's demand for moringa items.