Farmers Venture Into Commercial Production Of Malunggay

Numerous farmers in the country have actually ventured into the commercial plantation of malunggay by setting up malunggay nurseries.

Alicia Ilaga, director of the Department of Agriculture's (DA) biotechnology program, said the private nurseries would match the exisating malunggay nurseries set up by companies under the DA.

In Negros Oriental, Provincial Agriculturist Officer Gregorio Paltinca has verified that there are personal malunggay nurseries installed in the province for the industrial mass production of the said crop,

Although the Provincial Agriculturist Office (PAO) does not have its own malunggay nursery, Paltinca said he has actually bought PAO specialists to propagate the malunggay industry in the province. "Our workplace has actually currently been distributing malunggay seeds for free," he said.

Several farmers' cooperatives in other parts of the country have ventured into malunggay farming, such as the Malunggay Farmers Development Corp. in Bamban, Tarlac, in which members had actually initially planted 15 hectares of malunggay.

Some farmers have likewise partnered with local biotech company Secura International Inc. in their commercial plantation of malunggay.

Secura has earlier stated it is keen on forging supply agreements with farmers who are into planting malunggay. The company exports moringa oil to various business that produce individual health-care products. It also provides powdered malunggay leaves to local food processors.