How Do You Grow Moringa Oleifera Trees From Cuttings?

To grow Moringa oleifera trees from cuttings, adhere to these steps:

Select a healthy and balanced, fully grown Moringa oleifera tree to take cuttings from. Seek a tree with strong, healthy branches and leaves.

Use a clean, sharp knife or trimming shears to cut off a 6-8 inch long piece of a non-flowering branch. The branch should have to do with the size of a pencil.

Remove the leaves from the lower fifty percent of the cutting, leaving just a few leaves on top.

Fill up a small pot or container with a mixture of equal components perlite, peat moss, and garden compost or an industrial rooting medium. Water the combination well and let it drain.

Make an opening in the center of the potting mix with a pencil or chopstick.

Dip the bottom of the cutting right into rooting hormone powder or gel, which can be acquired at a garden center or online. This assists and stimulates root growth.

Place the cutting right into the opening in the potting mix, making certain that the rooting hormonal agent touches with the dirt. Firm the dirt around the cutting to hold it in place.

Water the cutting well, and cover the pot with a clear plastic bag to produce a greenhouse effect. This will certainly help keep the soil wet and warm while the cutting establishes roots.

Place the pot in a warm, bright place, yet not in direct sunlight. Water the cutting on a regular basis to keep the soil moist, but not soaked.

After about 4-6 weeks, the cutting should have created a solid root system and be all set to be transplanted right into a larger pot or right into the ground.