Legarda Files A New Bill To Maximize Benefits Of Moringa Oleifera

Senator Loren Legarda has re-filed a proposed measure that will enable the federal government to maximize the uses and benefits of Moringa Oleifera (malunggay).

Senate Bill No. 418, or the proposed Malunggay Develeopment Act, intends to stimulate the production, processing, marketing and circulation of malunggay in ideal areas around the country in order to acquire its advantages.

"Malunggay is among the most beneficial tropical trees. The relative ease with which it propagates through both sexual and asexual ways and its low demand for soil nutrients and water after being planted makes its production and management simple," said Legarda.

Malunggay's young leaves are edible and are frequently cooked and eaten like spinach or utilized to make soups and salads. They are an incredibly good source of provitamin A, vitamins B, and C, iron, and the sulphur-containing amino acids methionine and cystine. The dry seeds can be ground to a powder and utilized for seasoning sauces, while the roots from young plants can be dried and ground for use as a hot seasoning base.

"Because of the many uses of malunggay, the federal government ought to formulate a sustainable framework for development that will act as guide to the formula and application of plans, programs and tasks for the production, marketing, processing and distribution of malunggay for food, medicinal, health and business needs. This is the goal of the proposed measure I filed," said Legarda.

Under SBN 418, such structure for development will be formulated by the Department of Agriculture (DA), in assessment with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), farmer's groups, city government systems, and the private sector.

The DA, in coordination with DENR, and the municipal government concerned, will identify the broad areas suitable for the planting and proliferation of malunggay.

The costs likewise seeks to develop a Malunggay Development Fund to attend to the funding requirements for the production, marketing and processing of malunggay.