Malunggay New Oil Source

Growing all over the Philippines, Moringa or "malunggay" is now the current promising plant whose parts all have industrial worth.

Secura International Corporation president Danilo Manayaga provided in the Mindanao Investment Conference the many advantages of "malunggay" and how his company has advertised the said plant.

Secura, one of the leading biotechnology business in the Philippines led the search of the brand-new usages and applications of malunggay oil.

It is discovered that this oil is edible and carefully resembles olive oil in its fats composition. The oil material of seeds varies in between 30 to 40% by weight.

Being rich in monosaturated fats, it is thought to be more steady to oxidative rancidity. Also, it is steady as deep frying oils and is typically healthier as it decreases risk of coronary heart disease.

The business sees this brand-new discovery as an answer to eradicate hardship and malnutrition. Growing rapidly throughout a varying range of weather condition, malunggay is possibly a brand-new source of oil.

Another use of the malunggay is the Moringa meal or the residues left after water extraction of kernels. It has high amounts of true protein from its samples.

The malunggay meal water extract is used for filtration of water, and the water extract is a feasible replacement coagulant for chemicals such as aluminum sulphate.

The cationic polyelectrolytes neutralize the colloids in muddy or dirty water since the majority of these colloids have a negative electrical charge.

Manayaga then claimed that this protein can be used as non-toxic natural polypeptide for sedimenting mineral particles.

In addition to organics in the purification of drinking water, for cleaning up grease, or for sedimenting fibers in the juice and beer industries.

Secura is however among the pioneering business that processes Moringa leaves into dehydrated moringa leaf powder for the Food and Pharmaceutical markets.

It has acquired a brand-new facility to crush moringa seeds to supply the US business who signed a Letter of Intent with Secura for delivery by 2010 onwards. About 245 million liters of oil is purchased starting 2010.

The Biofuel market is going to reach 12 billion liters annually in 2010 and 37 billion litters in 2016.

The stated business is planting Moringa trees all over the country beginning with 100,000 hectares plantation to satisfy the very first customer.