Sorsoganons Encouraged To Plant More Malunggay

Maunlad na Asosasyon, Relasyon at Ehemplo ng Comunidad (MAREC) is motivating Sorsoganons to become more persistent in planting malunggay (moringa oleifera) because of its high need in the market.

MAREC, a multi-purpose cooperative consisted of mainly of women, is promoting a massive malunggay planting campaign with brilliant potential customers for livelihood and healthy food for local residents, especially for breastfeeding moms.

MAREC project planner Lito Bonifacio said that malunggay farming would not only deal with the issue on poor nutrition in the province however will also supply alternative income source if only the community will support this task.

He said that about 2 hectares of land has recently been planted by MAREC where 3,000 square meters are within the garden of some elementary schools in Sorsogon City while the remaining areas were government-owned and the 37 members of the stated cooperative.

He stated, nevertheless, that the volume of malunggay which has been planted might still not satisfy the high demand of the nutritious vegetable in the market, thus MAREC encourages every local here, especially owners of vacant or idle lands to utilize their residential or commercial properties by planting this remarkably nutritious veggie.

Bonifacio even more said that their cooperative is also ready to enter into a contract which would enable MAREC to plant in widely idle lands in order to utilize them and be more efficient by supplying extra income to the indigent locals of the province.

Malunggay leaves are now being processed or made as tea, bread, pasta and other foodstuff while dried seeds of malunggay are processed as cooking oil and even as an alternative source of fuel.